How Do I Know Hashem Loves Me? [#14567]

August 19, 2021


I have gone through so much challenges and suffering in my life and I am continuing to go through so much. I might know that it’s all from Hashem and that it’s all for my good, but how do I know that Hashem still loves me?


It would be worthwhile for you to sit down and write everything that’s going good in your life, all the good parts of your life. Then think into it, about what Hashem has given you. Think about it, then verbalize it. Then, start thanking Hashem for each detail. From then onward, your avodah is to have emunah without understanding how everything that happens to you is all for your good. We can partially see and understand how certain things were for our good, but there will always be parts of our life in which we cannot see and understand how they are for our good too. In order to ‘digest’ that everything that happened to you is for your own good, it won’t help if you try to understand it intellectually. You need to strengthen and internalize the emunah, the belief, that everything Hashem does is good!