How To View Evil People [#14560]

August 19, 2021


Since Hashem created evil and He put evil people in our world, and there is nothing independent from His control, how should we view evil people? Are they to be seen as an independent force from G-d that we need to reckon with or are they to be seen in the context as part of Hashem’s will? Asking the question in a different way, when we speak to our children about the wicked people of history, such as Haman, Amalek, and the other reshaim of history, do we need to stress “Yemach Shemam!”, may their name be blotted out! Or do we need to just say generally that Hashem will eventually erase all evil in the world, with no special mention of wishing for their name to be erased forever? Whenever we mention to others about the evil people of history, in what context should we speak about them, and especially when we educate our children about these evil people?


Hashem wants them to be erased and destroyed: “For I will surely erase Amalek.” But we should recognize that they are all messengers of Hashem to bring us to our shleimus (completion).