Kaballah Instead of Gemara [#14552]

August 19, 2021


Lately, when I learn Gemara my learning feels dry to me and I don’t have that much cheishek (enthusiasm) when I am learning Gemara in-depth. I have a big interest in delving into Kaballah and into the inner dimensions of Torah. Does that mean the time has come for me to mainly learn Kaballah and pnimiyus haTorah?


You need all the parts of Torah together. Chas v’shalom to abandon the words of Abaye and Rava, the Gemara. You will always need to learn both Gemara with iyun (in-depth) and bekiyus (non-analytical learning to cover more ground). It seems that you didn’t yet find your personal share in learning Gemara, and that is why you feel like your learning is going dry. But the truth is that learning Gemara is “living waters” that can bring you back to life.