Figuring Out My Worst Middah [#14684]

August 20, 2021


I am learning “Getting To Know Your Feelings” and I see that I need to need to work on all of the middos (character traits). In what order should I work in? How can I know what my worst middah is (the “garments” that my soul inherited from my parents’ personalities), which is my main task on this world?


Generally speaking, the middah (character trait) that a person stumbles in the most is his worst middah and the one he has to mainly fix. The middah that a person finds the most difficult to fix is the root of all his bad middos. On a more specific level, it is recommended to hear the shiurim on “The Four Elements – Self-Recognition” and also the “Fixing” series. Slowly as you clarify your personality, with assistance from Heaven, you can understand and recognize what your main work will be.