Going Above Time and Space [#14701]

August 20, 2021


The Ramchal elaborates on the concept of yichud Hashem (making Hashem One on this world) in the sefer Kelach Pischei Chochmah , and how yichud Hashem is the state of the next world and that it becomes revealed to a person on the Next World, according to how much a person tried revealing His oneness on this world.
However, it is not clear to me from his words if a person can actually sense this Oneness already on this world, and also it’s unclear to how yichud Hashem is a person’s reward on the Next World and what it is.


The Sefer Yetzirah says that everything exists on three planes: In a place, in a time, and in one’s soul. Olam, shanah, nefesh – world, time, and soul. Anything that can be found in a place can also be found in a certain time and also in the soul, and vice versa. So just like there are periods of time which span the six centuries that are called This World (Olam HaZeh) as well as Gan Eden, the times of Mashiach, and Olam HaBa (the Next World), so do these times exist in our own soul. It is just that the actual time periods can only be reached when those times will arrive.

But in our own souls, we are able to reach it all – today! Our soul can access an experience of Gan Eden, Mashiach, and Olam HaBa. The Ramchal himself wrote different kavanos (specific intentions) of how a person can reach a degree of Gan Eden. Not only that, but the Ramchal also wrote that for a tzaddik who perfects himself on this world, Mashiach has already come for him. Meaning to say, that the tzaddik has reached Mashiach in his own neshamah. It is the same with every other level as well. A person can reach it all while he is on this world, in his neshamah. This is because the neshamah is above time and space, and therefore it is able to go above time and space.