Getting To The Innermost Point [#14698]

August 20, 2021


How can a person reach the “innermost point” in the soul? Can the Rav explain to us a simple approach of how to do it?


Figure out which point is the most open for you, personally. Then keep expanding the point that you’re already opened towards. The point you are already opened to is the “small opening that I found” [an expression used in the Gemara in Tractate Kesubos 9a] which you can keep expanding, in order to get to your innermost point.
This is a very important and fundamental basis: To establish that the main part of your avodah is to expand upon the point that is already open to you. Otherwise, you would be trying to creating a “new opening”, which is very difficult.
Besides this, there is also a way for certain individuals: To use the power of mesirus nefesh [completely dedicating the soul to service of G-d].