What is d’vekus? [#14723]

August 22, 2021


Lkvod haRav,

What are the different forms of d'veykus?


1. The purpose of life is always d’veykus with Hashem, and it is just that there are several angles to this, which are all needed: (1) To connect to Hashem out of emunah peshutah, simple faith in Him, with a simple sense of His reality, which is called “the Infinite”. (2) To connect to Him by way of His garments, which is the Torah, which enables a person to become “one” with Hashem so to speak, since Hashem and His will and wisdom are one. (3) To connect to the middos of Hashem, by emulating His compassion, etc. (4) By revealing Him on this world, through doing the mitzvos. This is the lower aspect of d’veykus in Hashem, which is to listen to Him. All of the above are the different form of d’veykus in Hashem.