December 7, 2021


1) One person had a strong reaction to the Rav’s words concerning those who remain connected to 50th Gate of Impurity who become part of the Erev Rav, who become “retroactively” never part of the Jewish people. The person said, “Chas v’shalom to say such a thing.” He was angry at this statement of the Rav, and while I understand that it’s a sensitive topic, what should we do, just be silent about this and not publish the Rav’s words about it, the bitter truth which must be heard, which the Rav is revealing to us in his ahavas Yisrael to us? Should we not try to help others merit the Geulah…?


The perspective of yediah (the higher knowledge above bechirah/free will) is that everything becomes revealed “retroactively”. That is the light in the end of days, where we are getting to closer to the era of Mashiach which will be “days in which I have no desire”, no more bechirah (free will) because there will instead be yediah, the knowledge above free will, in which everything becomes revealed “retroactively”. But from the viewpoint of bechirah, something can only be revealed “from now and onward”.
QUESTION Is there a source for the words of the Rav that those who remain connected to evil and fall into the Erev Rav become “retroactively” never part of the Jewish people? I suspect that this is not the Rav’s novelty but something which is already revealed in our sefarim hakedoshim, can the Rav please elaborate on this since there were those who were perplexed at this entire concept (perhaps because their hearts didn’t want to accept the truth)?
ANSWER Refer to answer to question No.1. It is because in the future, there will be yediah, which reveals what everything really was “retroactively” [those who chose good, it becomes revealed in the future that retroactively they had been good all along and they were from Klal Yisrael, whereas those who chose to remain connected with evil are revealed in the future as being from the Erev Rav, meaning that retroactively they had never been part of the Jewish people]. This is the final sorting process, in which we are going from bechirah (free will) to above bechirah, to “the days in which there are no desire” [the future, the level of yediah].