December 7, 2021


1) Is the Erev Rav aspect in the soul (or the “spark of Erev Rav” in the soul) found at the point where there is total evil, which is below the animal soul, or is it found within kelipas noga within the animal soul that is mixed with good and evil?


The Erev Rav aspect of the soul mixes everything within it: The Nefesh Elokus, the kelipas noga, and the three impure kelipos, containing all of them at once within it. There are 5 types of Erev Rav and the acronym for them is Nega Ra (evil affliction): Nefilim, Giborim (Warriors), Anakim (Giants), Refaim, Amalekim (Amalekites). They are called Nega, the opposite of oneg (holy and good pleasure), and Ra, the opposite of good. Noga is the opposite of Nega.
QUESTION 2) What are the characteristics of the Erev Rav in the soul and what are the characteristics of the evil that’s found in the soul?
ANSWER Erev Rav in the soul is a mixture of all every characteristic, while the ra (evil) in the soul varies depending on what kind of evil it is.
QUESTION 3) In the future after the Geulah, and in Olam HaBa, when the Erev Rav parts of our souls will be destroyed and only our “Jewish” parts will remain, does that mean that in the future those who were more purified will “exist” on a greater level, whereas those who were dominated by the Erev Rav parts of the soul (who didn’t separate themselves from the 50th level of impurity) will not be “existing” as much, because there is very little “Jewishness” in their soul?
QUESTION 4) Will the Erev Rav – the Israeli government – first disappear before the war of Gog and Magog?
ANSWER We are already found within the war of Gog and Magog! This is the war with the Erev Rav.
QUESTION 5) What does it mean that the “Erev Rav includes the souls of Amalek and Yisrael together”? If Erev Rav is the worst of Amalek (or the other way around, that the Amalekites are the worst kind of Erev Rav), and the souls of Yisrael within the Erev Rav are not really part of Klal Yisrael but goyim who are part of the Erev Rav/Amalek, then what does it mean that the Erev Rav includes souls of Yisrael and Amalek?
ANSWER The Erev Rav is a mix of everything, and in every Erev Rav there is also a part which includes a soul of Yisrael. Therefore he can sometimes have a status of a Jew, like if he is born from a Jewish mother, within his soul there is a Yisrael, and therefore he has the status of a Jew, he has a Jewish body, and his soul has a part in its that’s Yisrael.
QUESTION 6) If an Erev Rav soul inside a Jewish body is still part of the Erev Rav (and not part of the Jewish people) then how it can be that halachically he is a Jew but in the inner dimension he is really Erev Rav? How can that be – how does it make sense that there is an inner reality here (the fact that he is an Erev Rav soul) which totally contradicts the halachic reality (the fact that he has the halachic status of a Jew)?
ANSWER See answer to previous question. He has in his soul a part that is a Jewish soul.