January 17, 2022


My nature is that I am very truthful and I can’t take it when people do the wrong thing or when they act unjustly. I deal with people all the time and almost everyone gets me angry, because I see their faults right away and I keep seeing how they’re wrong. In particular, I can’t stand baalei gaavah, people who think that the whole world has to cater to them and do exactly as they wish. How can I be more accepting of others even though they are far from perfect?


You need to change your perspective on life. You are seeing life from a perspective which is causing you mostly grief. You need a more loving perspective, which you can add onto your truthful perspective. But you must make sure that your love for others should be taking up more space [than your truthful perspective of seeing their faults]. Take your critical perspective and channel it inward, so that you expect better from yourself [rather than expecting better of others].