NO ONE TO TALK TO [#18519]

January 17, 2022


I had asked the Rav if the Rav knows anyone today who’s well-versed in pnimiyus who we can speak to clarify any matters of pnimiyus and inner avodas Hashem, and the Rav answered, “Unfortunately to my great pain, I don’t know of anyone.” My question: So what should a person do if he doesn’t have someone to guide him in these matters? Every person needs someone to guide him in avodas Hashem, and without having the right guide, it is very, very hard.


Try to clarify a matter as much as you can [with someone who is capable of helping you clarify a matter.] But beyond that (for anything you can’t clarify enough), “We have no one to lean on except on our Father in Heaven.” [When we need help and we aren’t finding it and there’s no one to speak to], we need to daven and place our hope and bitachon in Hashem.