January 17, 2022


In this orphaned generation, where unsavory people are considered “Torah observant” in the eyes of the public, yet they abuse women with their lustful behavior, in which they sweet-talk women (and especially young girls) into inappropriate behavior with them – how can this situation be judged according to the Torah? A woman’s testimony is not believed in Beis Din and therefore a man predator can get away with not getting the punishment he deserves?!


As mentioned many times, we are in the generation of the “Erev Rav” and their harmful influence. Not only are there are many souls today in our generation who are of the “Erev Rav” [they do not have Jewish souls], but the entire attitude of the generation today is affected by the Erev Rav’s influences and desires: It is an attitude where every influence of the world becomes mixed into Torah society. This is not only a small mix of influences that have come in, but a very big mix (taaruvos rabbah), and that is what “Erev Rav” means exactly. One of the ways in which this terrible mixture is revealed is through the mixing together of men and women in our society today.
There are several examples of this that are well-known to any sensible person. At large gatherings of people even in our own Torah society, there are many men and women mixed together. There is a lot of mingling of men and women at the workplaces today. And there is also a tremendous amount of mixing between men and women that takes place on social media, various social get-togethers in which men and women exchange messages [in the realm of social media]. There is also inappropriate mixing of men and women on even [frum] Chareidi radio programs, whether on the part of radio hosts, callers, or listeners. At family get-togethers in which the entire extended family meets, there is also a lot of mixing between men and women taking place, as well as by concerts, and men and women calling each other to ask for donations for their chessed organizations. And there is tremendous breach of boundaries taking place with therapists and their clients, in which men are counseling women, and vice versa. And there are many more examples as well. Even a Talmid Chochom (Torah scholar) with yiras shomayim (fear of Heaven) is in great danger of falling into this forbidden mingling of genders, and who from us was greater than the sage Rav Amram Chasida (who almost sinned with a woman when he was tempted)? And all the more so for those who are more vulnerable, who are at much greater risk of sinning in this area. And how much more so is this likely to happen with those who are careless about halachah – such as by owning any kind of internet-device [which easily puts them right into this situation].
Yet, how painful it is that people of this kind, or those who are similar to this, that it is these people who turn into the activists of our communities, and they have their various opinions and views, which has a big effect on large amounts of the communities. There are those who see them as role models, when in reality these people should be seen as very left-winged people who do not represent the mainstream of Torah communities.
Several well-known instances happened in the last few months which were profound in how terrible they were!!! It has caused communal grief and heartbreak! Because the community finds itself at a loss of what to do about it – which way do we turn?
If we are silent about it - and certainly if the perpetrators are held in esteem for what they do for the public – their unacceptable behavior [becomes ‘acceptable’ and] causes a terrible weakening of resolve about the severity of immoral behavior and murder, which has become more ‘accepted’ in the eyes of the community in general, and by young children especially. That weakening of resolve can chas v’shalom lead to a permissive attitude in which this inappropriate, unacceptable behavior towards children becomes more ‘accepted’ in the eyes of the community, Rachmana Litzlan, Rachmana Litzlan. (may Hashem save us from this). It is nora, nora, nora (terrible, terrible, terrible), and anyone wise can see what the outcome will be, the terrible outcomes that can chas v’shalom chas v’shalom come from this permissive attitude.
Yet, if people will talk about such things, it brings up all the dirt out into the open, which results in conversations that are vulgar and dirty talk, and contaminating the purity of the mind, in a way that is nora, nora, nora, and chas v’shalom turning into a part of almost any person’s regular conversations!!! And to our pain, some are choosing to be silent about it while others are talking about it regularly, and this causes the issues to double and worsen!
And therefore, from all angles, this is a heartbreaking situation to us that is nora, nora, nora, and it is razing the foundation which were built by the previous generations who were like angels to us. And now the “50th level of tumah” (defilement) has come out and it is being revealed, Rachmana Litzlan, and it will make everything fall apart! Anyone who sees the truth of the situation today, can cry without stopping.
We are hoping at all times and at every moment to the complete yeshuah (salvation), to come out of this darkness and into the great light.