January 17, 2022


Strangely, there are all sorts of illnesses going around in all of America and the doctors are just saying there’s many viruses going around, with no explanation. There’s corona, flu, and other viruses (and sometimes more than one together) which started a few weeks ago and which are getting everyone sick, children and adults. Entire families are sick, some with mild symptoms and others bedridden. Baruch Hashem we haven’t heard of tragedies from this, but the mere fact that so many people are sick now is shaking up people. Is there some inner meaning to this? Is this an unknowable phenomenon coming from the Radla? Or is it something not to make an issue of? Or is time to think about Hashem is so kind to us that He’s giving all of us a bit of suffering and it’s a kaparah that we shouldn’t go through a more severe illness chas v’shalom?


It is a reflection of the internal situation today, that the generation has the status of an ill person. This has recently gotten stronger. The experts think that this disease becomes attached to a person more than another known disease from the last few hundred years ago. It is the “fallen” side to the power of d’veykus (attaching to Hashem) which has now fallen to the Other Side, resulting in impaired “attachment”. But, correspondingly, there is also the light of holy d’veykus (attaching to Hashem) that one can reach today. Even more so, it is in the category of “Remove the old to make way for new” (Vayikra 26:10) which will reveal the higher, Heavenly light of hiskalelus b’Ein Sof (integrating into the Infinite, Blessed Is He).