June 20, 2022


1) How should we view psychology? On one hand it’s all secular knowledge which is antithetical to the Torah, but on the other hand it has helped so many people.


Psychology can only help the surface level of a Jew’s soul. It is not able to help the “Jewish” part of the Jew’s soul.
2) We can see today that Rebbeim in yeshivos who have degrees in psychology were able to help so many students who were struggling in all kinds of situations. We can see that our communities are very thirsty for this kind of knowledge [to know professionally how to identify and deal with all kinds of emotional, mental and behavioral issues]. Certainly it’s all in the Torah, but very few people know where to find this information in the Torah, and of the educators in our system who became professionals in psychology did not get this information from the Torah, but from going for schooling and getting their degrees in psychology. Is it better to send my children to a school where the Rebbi has a degree in psychology?
It’s better to send your children to a school where those educating your children are people who have a love for Hashem and who have a love for people, and they should be people who have wisdom about life. This was always the way it has been throughout the generations.
3) Also, I’ve heard that Rav Dessler and Rav Avigdor Miller advised people to read the books of Dale Carnegie (who was a gentile and also a devout Christian). Did everyone agree with this?