Acting Upon The Rav’s Sefarim [#3122]


Throughout the winter season I learned through Da Es Atzmecha (GTYK Self) and Da Es Menuchasecha (GTKY Serenity), each day for 15 minutes, and I greatly enjoyed reading through it. Every day I looked forward to these 15 minutes of reading the sefarim. I became wiser from it and I also grew very much from it. However, I have a hard time reading the “Bilvavi” sefarim, and I am not that drawn towards this series. Though the topic of these sefarim is understandably very important, I find it to be too “heavy” reading material.

My question is: How can I grow further, in my inner world and in self-recognition? Also, which of the “Da Es” sefarim should I now continue to?


Firstly, it is very recommended and important, that besides for reading the sefarim, you should seek to actualize the lessons, even if only a little. Without practically acting upon what you’ve read, it is simply an “emotional high”, which feels uplifting, but which won’t last. Therefore, if possible, it would be better for you to review from the beginning everything you have read so far, with emphasis on trying to actualize what you are reading.

Besides for this, it is recommended that you should speak with Hashem, simply and naturally, every day, even if it’s only for a little bit of time, according to how much you can do. For now, this can be your alternative to the “Bilvavi” sefarim.

You can continue the “Da Es” series by learning “Da Es Nafshecha” (GTKY Soul) and “Da Es Hargoshosecha” (GTKY Feelings).