Researching Info On The 4 Elements [#1640]


Concerning the 4 elements of the soul, I have found other sefarim besides for Shaarei Kedushah of Rav Chaim Vital which explain the 4 elements, such as sefer “Asiris HaEifah” of the Kamarna Rebbe. Since I want to have a more complete understanding of the 4 elements, is it recommended that I learn these other sefarim, or will it just make things more confusing, since we are traversing the approach of Rav Chaim Vital specifically in the Rav’s shiurim?


It would be a good idea to gather all of the material about the 4 elements which are found in the sefarim. If there are any questions I will be happy to receive them and I will try to answer them. Gathering all of this material together would also be very helpful to the masses.