How Can Hashem Save Us [#6345]

March 23, 2020


Now that all of the yeshivas and the shuls have been closed because of all those fears about the epidemic of corona virus what shall we focus now in our avodas Hashem?  What is upon us to do, that  Hashem should save us from this?


Every period has an avoda which corresponds to that particular period.  As with many other troublesome times, people have to do teshuva and cry to Hashem and give tzedaka.

Besides this, our current period that we are going through necessitates another avoda. The period we are going through now is not simply another period which is part of the chain of events throughout the history of the world. Rather this period that we are going through now is the final stage of the galus which we don't know how long this period will last. The period that we are in now is the revelation of the innermost level of the shaar hanun detuma, the fiftieth gate of impurity, so that there should be an equal counterbalance between good and evil in the world.

We need to view the epidemic of corona virus from an inner perspective as something deeper that is going on and that it is not simply an epidemic. The epidemic itself is nothing but a revelation of something deeper which is behind it. The essence of this period is depicted by the statement in Chazal, therefore man was created individual.  Throughout most of the world, and most of the world was considered like the entire world, people are becoming secluded into their homes and becoming individuals.  This is showing to us that each person needs to become an individual. On the most external level, it means that a person has become secluded, away from everybody else. On the inner level, it means that a person needs to recognize their uniqueness and that there is no other person in the world who is exactly similar to them, in Torah learning or in middos.

And the innermost level of this is that a person needs to develop a bond with Hashem and to his Torah learning in which he is like an only child to Hashem, a ben yachid. That is the depths of the spiritual illumination which is shining now during this period that we are in.  If a person merits to do this avoda properly, he will merit to see completely the face of Moshiach.  It is very proper at this time to reflect about these words, to first contemplate these words and understand them intellectually, and then to let these words settle on our heart. And then accordingly, one will know what his inner avoda should be during this period. It is our prayer and our hope that this period of the shaar hanun detuma should be as short as possible and that the shaar hanun dekedusha, the fiftieth gate of holiness, should prevail over the shaar hanun detuma so that Moshiach can immediately come.