Improvement at this Critical Time [#6341]

March 23, 2020


The Rav has said that there are two parts for us to improve upon at this time, to connect to people who are good and pure and to attain connection of warmth with other people.  Why isn’t it enough to just have warm connection with people? Won’t this alone fix all of the cold connections that people had with others?  Also why do we need to physically befriend people who are pure and good.


On one hand, a person needs to build warm relationships with other people to counter all of the cold relationships that there are in the world.  This is the holy use of the power of warmth.

But that is not the main part that we need right now.  The main thing we need right now is to find our power of holy coldness, which is essentially the yechida level of our soul, and that is the main revelation taking place now.  This is achieved by becoming attached and integrated with Hashem, with the belief and the trust that there is no one in control except for Hashem.

We need to review the segula of the sefer Nefesh HaChaim that when a person believes that no one has any control other than Hashem, he is protected from all harm.  This is the true and the only way to pass through this period, where the kelipa of the shaar hanun detuma has become physically manifest throughout the world. Therefore, a person needs to attach his soul to Hashem with love and with fondness for Hashem, and to feel a sense of bitul and to feel nullified to Hashem.  Through this a person can live a life of delighting in Hashem and in His Torah.  This is the general way of living a life of truth but all the more so, in this generation, and especially in the current period, which we are in now, it is our hope and our tefilla that the kelipa of the shaar hanun detuma, which is the media, should become shattered and that Moshiach should become revealed now so that he can illuminate the entire world with the yechud that will reveal the individuality of Hashem because there is nothing besides Hashem, ein od milvado efes zulosoi.