Root of Coronavirus [#6492]

April 3, 2020


Kvod HaRav Shlita.

Would it make sense that the bacteria of corona is found more strongly in older people because they have a weaker blood and therefore would older people be helped to become healed from corona by eating different foods that could help the blood, such as by eating meat or drinking wine as the Gemara Shabbos says , or maybe a blood donation would help improve their blood and that would help them heal from the corona virus.


The root of this disease is very spiritual.  It comes from the highest place in the heavens. It comes from the tip of the letter yud, which is above the four elements of creation, fire, wind, water and earth, and therefore  the remedy does not come from using any of the four elements.  This  coronavirus, is coming from the point known as keter, also known as ayin, the dimension of nothingness. The point of keter which is known as ayin is the root which is above the four elements.

Therefore, the remedy for this disease is in ayin, in the level that is called nothingness.. And even more so when one totally negates his sense of existence.