Deeper Meaning Behind Corona Vaccine – Part 2 [#11651]

February 18, 2021


What is the Rav’s understanding about taking the corona vaccine or not? Not all of the Gedolim agree to take it. Can the Rav elaborate a bit more on if we should take the vaccine or not? And, is there a deeper meaning to all that’s taking place about this corona vaccine?


During these times, the light of the illumination called “Keser” is shining. On the side of holiness, the Keser is shining in the world: it is the power of having temimus (unquestioning faith in Hashem), the level of emunah which transcends logic. At the same time, the Keser is also being manifest in the side of impurity, and it unleashes an awesome amount of darkness upon the world. Part of this darkness includes the current epidemic [coronavirus], which actually looks like a crown, a Keser.

In the sefarim, the Keser is known as the “hidden awareness, above all contemplation.” That is why the Keser illumination comes and goes, in a cycle of appearing and disappearing, with no set pattern, and instead changing and skipping in an unpredictable manner.

The vaccine is a part of how the Keser manifests on our world in an unpredictable and unclear manner. However, the vaccine is not able to take away the Keser illumination from our world. This is because the Keser revelation has arrived, and it is here to stay, permanently, until Mashiach comes –including afterwards. The vaccine is a part of the Keser manifestation on our world which appears and disappears, becoming revealed and then becoming hidden again, in a cycle. Thus the vaccine is not able to remove the Keser illumination from our world.

The light of the Keser will continue to be manifest on our world in all kinds of different ways, switching between different forms at alternating times, and it will keep being mysterious to those who see it.