December 7, 2021


In our generation, there are many contradicting aspects in all of our souls, and as the Rav explained, because most of the generation today have souls that are a combination of many souls together in one body. Does this mean also that there are souls of completely wicked people as well as souls of completely righteous people who can be inhabiting one soul? Can any of us be a combination of both a total rasha and a total tzaddik (or more)? And, would that be the reason why we can feel a pull towards the most evil things possible, yet we can also feel the pull towards d’veykus and hiskalelus in Hashem, and all the other qualities of tzaddikim?


Yes! And, it is also because we are in a time period (End of Days) where opposites are becoming integrated together all at once, “like a bolt of lightning”.
QUESTION Are all of us essentially complete tzaddikim, since we are all a “portion of G-d from above”, a Yechidah, and it is just that we have “others” living inside of us who are not tzaddikim and worse, who are all inhabiting the lower parts of our soul which are from the Chayah level of the soul and downward? Do we need to define ourselves as actually being a Yechidah or rather as a neshamah (with the Yechidah surrounding us but not actually being who we are? Since our inner essence is the Yechidah part of the soul, does that mean that our Yechidah is who we really are? Or is the Yechidah out of our reach?
ANSWER In order for any Jew to define himself as actually being the Yechidah part of the soul (which is intrinsically connected with Hashem), one would need to reveal the illumination of “Mashiach” in his own personal soul. That is why the sefer Da Es Atzmecha is coming to explain that we need to define ourselves as a neshamah.