December 7, 2021


What should I do if I recognize this “Erev Rav” aspect in my soul? How do I rectify it?


First of all, let’s understand that if someone has a large percentage of “Erev Rav” in his soul, he won’t be that insulted from the words here. However, there are people who do have some “Erev Rav” aspect in their souls. This is the part of the soul upon which we have a “mitzvah to erase Amalek”. If a person recognizes that he has some trace of ‘Erev Rav’ in his soul, he should daven to Hashem that he merit to die al kiddush Hashem. If a person is truly willing to die al kiddush Hashem, that very decision to have mesirus nefesh for Hashem is like a “death” to that evil part of his soul; just as the neshamah leaving the body is considered to be ‘death’. In this way a person is left with an entirely holy soul.
The question you have asked is very important, because there are indeed many people in this generation who contained a mixture of good/Jew and evil/Erev Rav in their souls [as explained in sefer Shomer Emunim and others].