December 7, 2021


If there exists a “spark of Erev Rav” within our soul, as well as part of ourselves that are a total tzaddik, and if we choose to let the tzaddik part of ourselves dominate over the evil parts of our being, does that raise the “Erev Rav spark” within us into holiness? And if yes, does that mean that this evil part of our soul achieves a tikkun? Or do we have to look at it that we need to destroy and erase the “Erev Rav” within us (the parts of our character that are totally evil) by choosing truth, righteousness, and living a life of holiness, etc.? And would that make the “Erev Rav” parts of ourselves fall away, leaving us with only the parts of ourselves that are completely a tzaddik?


[The evil parts in us need to become] nullified, integrated into holiness, through the secret of revealing our soul’s deep yearning for Hashem, to be burned up and destroyed so that we can go back to Hashem – to reach the state of hiskalelus, becoming integrated with Hashem.